New To Yoga

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+ What is Yoga?

We believe Yoga is the practice of balancing the inner body with the outer body. Our practice at 1Y&F treats the whole person and strives to go beyond what is typically expected from a fitness routine. Our yoga classes are truly for everyone. Wherever you are in life, our classes will help you find stillness and perform better in your daily activities.

+ What types of Yoga do you teach?

We offer a diverse selection of classes, each with unique benefits. Warm Flow, Foundations & Happy Hour--just to name a few. All of our classes are linked by breath and combines elements from different types of yoga to provide a variety of different goals for all levels of abilities. To learn more, review our full Class Descriptions.

+ Do I need to sign a waiver form?

Yes, all new students to our studio must register & fill-out a waiver form. New students can register & sign our waiver form on the Schedule & Account page.

+ I am new to your yoga studio, what classes do you recommend?

Classes recommend for beginners:

• Yoga Foundations
• Slow Flow
• Yin
• Restorative

Let your instructor know you are new to yoga and they will make sure to offer 1-1 support. We also offer Private & Group Sessions.

+ What does Namaste Mean?

This ancient Sanskrit term often used in Yoga practices around the world, translates as, 'Bowing to you.' You may notice we close some of our classes with this word. We intend for it it to reflect our gratitude for our students. We always recognize the gifts in our students, as well as, that our time together contains mutual respect, love & compassion. Namaste simply means in our time, we become one.

+ I'm not flexible, I have an injury, I'm pregnant, I'm overweight, I have a disability...can I still do yoga?

Yes! Although we always recommend that you consult with a medical physician, yoga can benefit everyone at any stage in life. Many of our classes are specifically designed to heal and restore the body (see Benefits of Yoga). Our instructors will also help to modify certain poses to make each class work for you and keep your practice going.

+ What should I bring to class with me?

All you need is a yoga mat and your beautiful smile! If attending one of our Flow or Hot classes, we highly recommend bringing a bottle of water and small towel. If you don't have a yoga mat you can rent one for $2 per class or purchase your own in our storefront. For your convenience, we always carry bottled water on hand for purchase and towels for rent.

+ I have a mat but will I need to purchase yoga blocks or bolsters?

No! We have plenty of blocks, bolsters and blankets for your convenience at every class--free of charge!

+ What do I do with my shoes and belongings?

We have individual cubbies available when you enter the studio where you can safely leave your belongings. However, we are not responsible for any items of value left unattended. We ask that any items of value are left at home or in your vehicle.

+ Do I have to clean my mat before each use?

It is always safe to work on a clean mat. Free sanitizing spray and towels are available in our classroom for your convenience.

+ Do I have to make a reservation before class or can I just show up?

You do not need a reservation to attend class, however, certain classes will fill up faster than others. We recommend that you sign-up prior to arrival to reserve your space in class. Payment is also due prior to class and be sure to arrive 5-10 minutes early. Regardless of class size, our instructors will always take the time to learn your name and value each person as an important component of our studio.

+ What should I wear?

Something comfortable & breathable! Since yoga can require a range of intensive stretches, we ask that you don't wear anything that can be restrictive or bulky. Sweats are not recommended. We offer contemporary/trendy tank tops, yoga pants and accessories in our studio for purchase.

+ I want to do a Power Flow class, will it be too challenging for me?

For any class you choose to attend, please know that YOU are always in control of the intensity level of your practice. Our instructors will encourage you with options to modify or challenge yourself in every class to appeal to all levels, but you must always work at your own pace and honor your body.

+ Some of your classes are labeled "Hot," why do you practice in a heated studio?

Heated classes encourage detoxification of the body and the mind, leaving you feeling energized and cleansed to the core. Our Hot Flow class is heated between 90-95 degrees and our Warm Power Flow class is heated between 85-90 degrees. Both are recommended for advanced students.

+ How often should I practice to feel the benefits of Yoga?

Everyday. Some form can be meditation, breath practice another.

+ What makes TRX different than Yoga? Which is best for me?

TRX is a strength based workout that works the core body, where yoga aims to incorporate the whole mind, body & spirit. TRX is best for students seeking a traditional physical workout. However, unlike traditional exercise, TRX compliments yoga because it allows you to move through the full ranges of motion by recruiting muscles for strength. Read more about TRX.


Personal Questions

+ English is my second language, do any of your instructors speak another language?

Yes, we have instructors who can speak fluently to you in Italian and Spanish. Please write to us here to connect with their classes.

+ Is there a restroom at your location? Can I use it during class?

Yes, we have a private bathroom located at the back of our studio. If needed, you can use this space to change into your yoga clothes. You are also allowed at any time during class to excuse yourself. Using the restroom will not interfere with instruction, but since it is a quiet space, we do ask to be respectful of your classmates.

+ Should I bring my iPod for music?

No, we ask that you do not bring your ipod or headphones to class. Music will be provided during every class and is chosen ahead of time by your instructor based on the flow. Instructors are extremely mindful when selecting music in order to guide students harmoniously and connect sound with the intended pace. For our dance enthusiasts, Happy Hour on Friday's incorporates fun tunes & classic hits.

+ Can I lose weight practicing yoga?

Yoga is wonderful addition to any healthy lifestyle. Combining a balanced, healthy diet with regular exercise will always provide the best chance for you to lose weight. More importantly, the yoga practice teaches us about self-awareness, self-control and self-love. The mental benefits of yoga can often be the greatest tool during any weight loss process.

+ How can I stay connected with the studio and/or my instructor?

We always love to hear from our students! The best way to stay connected to our studio and all upcoming events/workshops is by following us on our Facebook Page or Blog. You can also reach our studio by phone at (407)900-8039 or e-mail.



Price & Location

+ How much does it cost to attend?

How much you spend depends on how often you plan on attending! We offer discounted bulk packages and specials for new students. Check out all of our Rates & Class List.

+ I only want to attend one class, how much would that be?

A single class visit is $15/class and valid for any yoga class. Discounts apply for students, seniors and military. Single classes work great for our occasional visitors. New yogis should take advantage of our Intro Package with unlimited classes for the first 30 days for only $45.

+ Can I pay with Credit Card or Check?

1Y&F offers the ability to create an account to register & pay for your membership online. We accept most major credit and debit cards. If you need to pay by check, we ask that you pay prior to your class in order for your payment to clear. We will always do our best to work with you.

+ Am I bound by a contract?

No, you are not bound by a yearly contract. You decide how many classes you want to attend and pay as you go.

+ Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! We offer private 1-1 classes, group sessions and deep-tissue massage. Simply contact the studio to make arrangements. For your comfort and convenience, private classes & massage is offered in a discreet back room with its own entrance. An appointment can be made even while a class is in session.

+ I see you're located in a plaza, will there be a place for me to park?

Yes, there will always be a free, convenient parking spot for you! Although the plaza has a large parking area, a class may be ending as you arrive. If there are limited spaces near the studio just be patient and you will always find a close spot!

+ Does Your Studio Offer Any Products?

Yes, stop by our studio to browse our yoga tanks and tees with the studio logo (available for both men & women in a variety of colors). We also offer top of the line Yoga products including pants, mats, essential oils and accessories.