Take advantage of our New Yogi Package — $45 for one month of unlimited yoga classes!

We know you'll fit right in here at One Yoga! Many beginner students start their yoga journey with us and welcome all new yogis with open arms! Everyone can practice at One Yoga regardless of age, experience, or flexibility.

Our unlimited month package allows you to try any and all classes for your first four weeks.

Find the right class for you!



Tips for Attending Your First Class

Arrive Early. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class to complete registration, meet your instructor and get settled on your mat. Once class begins, we lock our door and close the front window curtains to prevent any disturbances.

Registration & Waiver Form. Save time before class, create an account online to complete our registration & waiver form. Your account can also be used to sign-in to classes before you arrive & purchase class packages.

What to Bring. Water, towels & yoga mat.  These items are also available for rent and for sale in the studio boutique




What to Wear. Be sure to wear something comfortable & breathable to stretch and sweat in.

Where to Leave Your Stuff. We provide individual cubbies for you to safely leave your shoes & belongings during class. No shoes are worn once you enter the Yoga Room! If you are coming from work and need to change into your yoga clothes at our studio, we have a large, clean restroom available for your convenience.

The Benefits of Learning Yoga

During Your Practice

Please Sign in For Your Class at the Kiosk at Front Desk.  You will find an I-Pad at front desk for check in, please be sure to check in for your class there.  If you need to pay, you will be directed to do so, otherwise you can head right on in to your class.  

Store your shoes and personal items in the Cubbies in Lounge.  Please remove your shoes before entering the studios and store them along with any other personal items in the cubbies in the lobby.

No Distractions. Please turn your cellphone & mind on silent!

No Heavy Perfumes Please.  Many individuals are sensitive to scents.  Please Refrain from wearing perfume or cologne to classes.

Find Your Space. Some like to sit up front, some like to be near the wall for support. Choose a spot in the room where you will feel most comfortable practicing. Please keep in mind other students will be entering the room and to make adjustments for the benefit of all classmates. Blocks & blankets are conveniently available for use during every class.

Breathe. Always remember to breathe, smile & soften. Breath is the soul of yoga and will help you push deeper into the healing and strengthening process.

Stay Hydrated. Drink plenty of water before & after class to assist in the restorative changes taking place in your muscles.

Focus. Leave all work & worries at the door. Allow your time at One Yoga to be a place where you tune out the world and tune into your body.

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Honor Yourself. Leave judgement at the door. Our teachers are real people who were beginners at some point too. We can help guide you through the appropriate level you need to get you where you want to be.

Trust Your Intuition. You are in control of the intensity level of your practice. Work at your own pace, honor your body and listen to what you need.

Know Your Limits. The pose will often begin when you want to leave it. However, we ask that you stay aware of your limits and do not push through any sharp pain. Yoga is about honoring your body. Our instructors will help you modify your practice to suit your specific needs.

Have FUN. This is YOUR journey! Smile, relax and enjoy the experience. Our instructors will always do their best to keep you working hard and laughing along the way. We are so happy to have you with us.