We embrace all aspects of self improvement to help our community achieve their greatest potential. Everyday we watch lives change for the better.


What makes One Yoga & Fitness different than most studios is our practical application of the yoga principles. We're real people that bring the practice of yoga into the daily life of the working parent, professional and student. For this reason, our studio is open seven days a week and offers a variety of classes for all levels of ability.

Our strong team of teachers create a safe, judge-free zone where becoming a yogi doesn't mean changing your values or stepping away from society. Our mission is to help our students live their truth and reach the top level of their performance. We aim to attract people from all walks of life, regardless of age or health condition.

The yoga lifestyle we practice is a conscious awareness that brings healing and balance to the inner physical, mental & emotional body. Our studio goes beyond a fitness center by teaching other aspects of the yogic lifestyle including stress-management, healthy eating practices, self awareness and care. Additional life-changing practices you may experience in our classes include Meditation, the 8-Limbed Path and alignment of the Chakras. Our classes are not just about stretching muscles, they're centered on practicing a purposeful breath and movement. We help our students embrace fitness, as well as, learn to let go.

Yoga is a beautiful process we love sharing with others, come begin your new journey today.



1Y&F Story



With minimal resources and funds, in December of 2011 One Yoga opened in an 800 square foot space. By March of 2012 the studio had already moved into a larger location. Now inhabiting a 3200 square foot space offering both a heated and non-heated studio, a boutique, lounge area, three private rooms for private yoga therapy, thai yoga, massage, personal training, life coaching, and mental health counseling sessions, One Yoga is truly One Center for Complete Well-Being bringing professionals together from these various disciplines to serve our community.  


The One Yoga studio continues to offer the yoga styles & traditions found in larger cities for a fraction of the cost.

With abundant love, joy and dedication, the teachers continue to uplift and inspire our community toward health & happiness.


We hold the space for the magic of true connection to happen.
— Gina Keefe, Co-Founder