Private Yoga

Private yoga is a tool that everyone can use.  Many people begin with private yoga to familiarize themselves with the poses, strengthen personal alignment and enhance their practice. Our professional instructors can modify and make every moment work best for you. Whether you are a seasoned yogi, new to yoga, or looking to heal from an injury,  your teacher will provide individualized support to treat the whole person. Private sessions address specific needs, desires and also work conveniently in busy schedules.


Massage compliments every yoga practice, as yoga goes deeper than our outside appearance. Our certified masseuses heal deep levels of physical discomfort. Therapeutic massage can help injuries, rehabilitation, post-surgery recovery or simply provide relaxation and ease. Massage will not only help you perform better in your practice, but in your daily life as well.  Therapeutic massage treats the body quietly and slowly; allowing the body to relax and release.  When the body trusts the process it will heal.


Acupuncture Initial and Follow up treatments with our Doctors of Oriental Medicine may include any of the following as determined by therapist: Acupuncture needles, Tui-Na, E-stem (electric stimulation), Fire Cupping, Moving Cupping, scalp acupressure, trigger point therapy, moxa, and Heat therapy.