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I’ve made yoga part of my training regime for 15+ years. Being a professional triathlete is more than just swimming, cycling, and’s about taking care of your body both physically and emotionally. I’m thrilled to have found a home studio in One Yoga and Fitness that makes me feel welcome and loved every time I walk in the door. Even after a long day of training, I look forward to relaxing my mind and stretching my body with the fantastic and upbeat instructors at One Yoga.
— Sara
I almost didn’t come… I liked what I saw on One Yoga’s website, and I liked what I saw when I pressed my nose against the glass entrance door. But I am an overweight woman in my mid-50’s and I have never done yoga in my life. My body has been crying out to me for a while, though, and I knew that I wanted to try yoga. So, even though I was afraid that I might not be able to do it and that I might fall on my face and make a total fool of myself, I took what was a big step for me and came to One Yoga & Fitness. I am so very happy that I did!

I started by meeting with Gina for a couple of private introductory sessions. Gina is a perfect instructor for me – she is professional, kind, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She helped me get started and gave me the confidence to move on to the classroom setting.

To be honest, my plan was to get some private instruction, go to a few classes, and then get some DVDs, etc., so that I could practice yoga at home on my own. What I didn’t understand was just how special the group atmosphere would be! I have attended One Yoga classes taught by several different instructors and I love them all! Each instructor has her own teaching style and each of the classes is different, but they have each made me feel welcomed, comfortable, challenged and rewarded.

One Yoga’s open and generous spirit is contagious. The other students I have met are all friendly and it just feels good and right for me to be there.

In my first 90 days of practicing yoga, I have gained confidence, strength and balance and feel that I now belong to a community of like-minded, positive people. And, being part of this group has inspired me to take better care of myself in other ways… I have lost 15 pounds in this three month period and am looking forward to becoming stronger, more fit and more centered as I continue my yoga practice.

So… if you are feeling intimidated about trying yoga, please don’t be afraid. One Yoga is a perfect place to learn, have fun, get stronger and even tip over now and then. It’s all good.
— Jane
My husband and I would like to thank Gina (and husband) for a wonderful first time experience of the Partner Yoga Workshop. Not knowing what to expect and this being the first yoga experience for my husband, we both shared a bit of trepidation. However, soon after Gina began to break down each pose and demonstrate the proper form, we quickly eased into the instruction and connected with each other in order to achieve the pose. Much to our amazement, we were quite pleased at our abilities to engage in most pose(s). We gained more than we expected beyond each yoga pose. A daring pose for instance, required trust; a stacked pose required strength; a balancing pose required focus; yet we were able to relax and laugh while executing each pose. The receiver/giver practice was awesome. We both truly enjoyed both aspects of this practice. It was intimate, caring and sharing as well as fun and funny. And despite the wonderful and positive vibe in the room throughout; there were many times when it felt like it was just husband and I, because we were so in tuned with one another. And champagne and chocolate was a classy ending to a sexy evening of yoga. Thank you Gina - job well done!
— JMS, On Valentine's Day Partner Yoga Workshop
I miss you and the studio so very much. What I really miss is the family feel of your studio. The personalism. Your studio is special! Namaste. 🙏❤️
— Kaity
I have been actively involved in physical fitness my entire life, but a bit more on the less kill myself and stay sore for a week side to stay in shape the older I get. About three years ago I found myself enjoying the benefits of Bikram yoga in Orlando. I thought NOTHING could leave me feeling as though I worked out every muscle in my body, and the feeling of Zen for at least 3 days after such a workout—- and with no soreness. BUT…Leave it to the man of your dreams to relocate your life to Clermont, Florida. Even though I was physically in Clermont, everything I knew was back in Orlando, my hairdresser, my nail tech, my YOGA STUDIO, even the Publix Salsa I love so much!! In order to help my transition, my husband rescued me with his google search for “Hot Yoga” finding One Yoga and Fitness in Clermont. I cannot speak highly enough of the Owners/Teachers of One Yoga and Fitness. Not only is each class extremely fun, but they are equally as challenging as a cross-fit work out for me. I don’t need to take a Bikram Yoga class every 3 days, I can enjoy the varied yoga practices and convenient times for those classes. I also learn an “intention” before and after every class, and usually the intention is something I need to hear or learn to keep my Zen indefinitely with me. One Yoga and Fitness is not just my yoga studio, it is my community of friends… You will not regret walking into this yoga studio….
— Belinda


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