Soulful Sunday May 27th 2018

What if we could see more of what connects us and less of what divides us?  More of the ways we are alike than the ways we are different?  What if we could be brave enough to let our spirits free-our souls that know the truth that we are one?

There are as many ways to enlightenment as there are people.  There are countless yogis who have never stepped into a yoga studio or onto a yoga mat.  Any time for a moment we step beyond the distractions and illusions to truly be in our spirit, to be moved by something greater than we can even express, we are yogis, we are living in the fullness of this gift that is our lives.  

Anything that inspires us, ignites us, enlivens us, brings us joy and peace, and yes, love, that is yoga!  Expanding our consciousness, and uplifting humanity, that is yoga...